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We're Changing Our Name

Same team, same apps, but a brand new name - say hello to Zetya. Find us over here. Please note: our support desk is now here.

Posted by BBG on December 05, 2016.

Introducing Product Cruise Control

We've just rolled out some new functionality in Shopify Assistant, something we are calling 'Product Cruise Control'. With this feature you can set up Shopify Assistant to: Monitor order creation and hide products that are out of stock Monitor product updates and order can...

Posted by BBG on March 05, 2015.

BookThatApp Server Migration

We are happy to announce that over the weekend we upgraded the infrastructure that hosts BookThatApp. We've migrated over to Amazon Web Services. For the technically inclined, we went from having 1 very large monolithic set up to splitting out the web layer, DB and background ...

Posted by BBG on August 04, 2014.

Ongoing Server Issues

Over the weekend, we performed routine maintenance on our server.  When bringing the server back up, there was a server failure.  Despite multiple attempts to restore the server using backup files, the server remains down.  What does this mean for your store?  Until the serve...

Posted by BBG on September 09, 2013.

Sunsetting Searchify

Today we are sunsetting Searchify. What does this mean? Well, we will continue to support the App and even accept new signups via, however we have de-listed it from the Shopify App Store. The reasons for this are that while Searchify has done well ...

Posted by BBG on August 21, 2013.

Should you hire an SEO Expert?

As Shopify has become more popular we have started to see the bottom feeders move in. These are the emails you get from so called SEO experts who have reviewed your site and somehow figured out that you aren't receiving as many hits for your keywords as you should be. Hey, the...

Posted by BBG on December 15, 2012.

Restrict Search to Title Fields Only

We've been busy releasing updates lately and we just rolled out another one for Searchify. The latest feature is the ability to restrict the View All search to titles only. Why would you want to do this you ask? Well, some themes have their search page coded up to ...

Posted by BBG on December 01, 2012.

ShopifyAssistant Update: Cancelled Orders now Synchronize Inventory in Reverse

Well, the title says it all really :-) Just a small update for ShopifyAssistant's sync task. It is now smart enough to increment inventory when an order is cancelled. So, say you have a product bundle A that links to component products B and C. If an order is cancelled that c...

Posted by BBG on November 28, 2012.

Exclude Products from Searchify by Tag

We've just released the ability to exclude products from Searchify based on product tags. To access the  tags, you'll notice a new "Settings" option on the home page menu. Add the tags of the product that you don't want to appear in Searchify. Note, these products will...

Posted by BBG on November 25, 2012.

Displaying Upcoming Events with BookThatApp

In BookThatApp you can show a calendar of upcoming events, but what if you want to show a class schedule on a product page? We've just done this for a client: It turns out this is easy with our Ajax API. I'll be putting up an article in the BookThatApp forum, but for th...

Posted by BBG on November 01, 2012.

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