Hi, and welcome to the new Shopify Concierge Site. Our mission is to help Shopify store owners get the most out of their ecommerce sites. We bring to the table expert knowledge of how to set up Shopify, and how to drive business through the site via effective web copy. We have helped many small and midsize businesses get their online store up and running quickly, and pride ourselves on our professional approach. Although it might sound cliché, we really do care about making your online store successful!

We specialize in Shopify because quite frankly, we love it! There are a bunch of great reasons why we love it, but the main one for us is it’s simplicity. Life is already too complicated! We don’t need an ecommerce solution that makes it harder.

We plan to use the blog to post tips and techniques that we have found useful in making Shopify based ecommerce sites successful.