Some stores sell products where some of the items have shipping is included. For example, you may have items from a drop shipping catalog in your inventory.

How do you set up Shopify to handle the shipping price? One way to do this is use a weight-based rule. The way it works is you set the weight to zero for the items in your shop that have the shipping included. You need to do this for each variant. You then create a rule in Admin for weight = 0.

One problem with this is that your theme may be displaying weights on various pages – typically the product page. There are two ways you could get around this.
  1. The easiest one is simply update your product description with a paragraph that describes the weights of the variants.
  2. The other more involved way would be to create a weight option, and customize your theme to use that value instead.

Of course, if your customers don’t need to know about product weights you can always just remove it from the theme.