As a Shopify store owner, you may be wondering how seriously you should be thinking about security. After all, Studies have shown that a server can be compromised within four minutes of being connected to the internet if it is not properly protected.

Hackers don’t care how big or small your store is, as they typically automate their attack. If you are on the internet you are a target. Some of the more common security risks include:

  • Stolen customer information including credit card numbers, phone numbers and addresses.
  • Your server could be used to send spam, which will get your domain blacklisted.
  • Your site can be hijacked with hidden links that point to another site in order to game search engine results. These links will lower your page ranking, or potentially get you blocked from Google.
  • Your site bought down completely, or your data (e.g. product catalog) corrupted.
  • Your site may suffer a “denial of service” attack, whereby other hacked machines will overload your site with automated requests

The good news is you can relax. Shopify has an extensive set of security measures in place to help protect you from these vulnerabilities and more. The Shopify team has set up monitors that detect intrusions and hacker attempts and are constantly updating and improving their security implementation.

Shopify is also Certified PCI compliant. PCI is the standard for protecting customer credit card information.

You can rest assured that Shopify is using the best available ecommerce security measures. Yet another advantage of using a hosted ecommerce solution.