You may not of noticed, but Shopify now asks buyers for their phone number at checkout. Why is that? Well, it turns out that some payment gateways actually require this.

Unfortunately asking for extra information at checkout time – even just 1 more field – can result in lost sales. A number of Shopify store owners voiced there concern about abandoned carts on the Shopify support site. Luckily for us Shopify has listened to its customers and now will only ask for the phone number if the gateway being used for the transaction requires it.

One of the big advantages of Shopify is that it truly is easier to use than any other ecommerce solution out there and it great to see them hold the line with this feature. They could of easily just made this another option in Admin, but then you would of had to know that if you choose gateway X you have to turn on mandatory phone fields. Having Shopify take care of it under the covers is a much smarter solution!