autocomplete for shopifyYou’ve created a great looking site and are getting some traffic. Now you can focus on turning those visitors into customers. Easier said than done right? Where do you begin?

Well, one proven way to increase conversions is to make it easier to find the products your visitors are looking for. Auto-complete (or auto-suggest) does just that. It is an enhancement to your site’s search box that displays products as the user is typing in their query. Users can click on the results and will be taken straight to the product page.

Today, we are happy to officially announce our new site Shopify Widgets, and the very first widget Searchify – a “rich” autocomplete solution for Shopify. Shopify Widgets will be home to a number of Shopify Applications and is where you can sign up to get started with Searchify.

What does “rich” mean? Well, as pointed our recently on the GetElastic blog, the trend in successful ecommerce sites is an autocomplete that not only shows matching products, but can display a image and other product related information. Searchify allows you to show the product title, and optionally a thumbnail image, collections, type, vendor and price. We will also be adding the ability to include blogs and pages in the search results very soon.

Searchify is currently in Beta. We will be launching the service in early 2010 but wanted to give store owners the chance to use it for the holiday shopping season. Pricing is still to be determined, but beta testers will enjoy free access until the end of 2010, so sign up now!