Sometimes you want to make files available for download off your store. For example, you may want to let users download a PDF file containing detailed product specs. Here is how you do that in Shopify in 3 easy steps.

1. Upload the file

Go to your Account page in Admin (it is the link in the top right, next to Logout).

You should see a link "show uploaded files".

Once you click on that you will be taken to a page where you can upload your PDF

2. Grab the URL

After you upload the PDF, you will see the file listed at the top.

Click on the file and you will see the URL displayed on the left hand side. You now need to copy  the URL to the clipboard.

TIP: You can upload any type of file here, not just PDF's.

3. Add a link in your product page

Finally, go to your product page in Admin, and type in the term that will appear for the link - e.g. "Download Specs". Now highlight the term and click the icon in the toolbar that looks like a chain link.

You can now paste the URL from step 2 into the input field.

This technique works for blog pages as well.