About Us

Gavin first discovered Shopify when searching for an e-commerce solution for a friend's flower shop. He quickly found out that there is ample opportunity to customize Shopify and decided to share that knowledge with others. This is how Shopify Concierge was born.

Since its inception two years ago, Shopify Concierge has grown from back end technical support to a full service ecommerce consulting business with a wide variety of clients and projects from small business to mid size corporations. We have built and customized dozens of themes for our clients, and are a member of the Shopify Advisor Panel.

Shopify Concierge is based in Sydney, Australia, and our mission is to help all Shopify clients increase their online presence by providing timely, accurate and reliable design and technical consulting at an affordable rate.

Our Team

Gavin Terrill

Gavin's is an award winning software developer with over 20 years experience across a wide range of technologies and industries.

Recently returned to his hometown of Australia, when Gavin is not messing around with the latest and greatest software he will be out sailing on Sydney Harbour in his yacht Blue Yonder, fly fishing for trout, or playing guitar.

Read Gavin's personal blog here.