Services Overview

The ShopifyConcierge team bring to the table a diverse set of technical and ecommerce skills: Web Development, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Technical Knowledge and Analysis.

Theme Customization

Everything from simply adding your logo to changing the colors to match your unique branding. We can help customize your theme so that your store looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

Start with one of the free Shopify themes, a commercial one, or one of ours. Or, we can create your theme from scratch using your unique design. Read More


The text used on ecommerce web sites needs to be specifically designed to help sell products; and is equally as important as the design. The ShopifyConcierge team can help create effective web copy, making your site come across as professional and engaging to your target audience. We can help help you with writing innovative and compelling product copy, can advise on use of proper typography and how to design a layout that draws attention to key information about the products you are selling.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of getting your site to rank high in the search results list when someone searches for your keywords. Shopify provides excellent SEO capabilities out of the box, and with a little extra effort you can hone your content so that it is semantically correct - i.e. set up in such a way as to emphasize your keywords. Help improve your Adwords campaign by properly linking ads with relevant URLs, configuring conversion tracking so that you can effectively analyze keyword performance, improve CTR and reduce bounce rate.


Need extra functionality for your online store? You've come to the right place. Shopify is an open platform, meaning that there is virtually no limit to additional functionality that it can support, including forms, email, photo galleries, member login, maps, calendars and much more. These enhancements are typically made using Javascript. Technical capabilities include:

  • Shopify Applications: Applications that integrate with the shopify platform using the developer's API
  • Server Side Webhooks: Synchronize your orders with an existing accounting system using Webhooks
  • Domain Name (DNS): Set up your own web address (URL) instead of
  • Google Apps: We can also get you set up with Google Apps to provide your company email, shared documents and calendar, and an intranet for free (less than 50 users).
Read More

Client Testimonials

Gavin is a true professional. He is responsive, accurate, and has an intimate knowledge of modern web design/programming standards. He stands behind his work and can really make an online store sing.

Andrew, Classic Specs

Working with you was a breath of fresh air after a bad experience with our first developing company. It was so nice to work with someone who treats their clients respectfully and takes such pride in their work. I will most definitely be referring you more clients and will be sending some more of our own work your way in the future.

Helen, Meringue Inc

Shopify Concierge is great. They are prompt, efficient and cheerful – and the best when it comes to pushing Shopify to its limits. This meant I could turn over important pieces of functionality without worry. I highly recommend Shopify Concierge for consulting and development, and look forward to working with them again.

Dylan Hassinger, Electrolabs

If you ever have someone asking for a reference – please send them my way. You have been wonderful to work with.

Valerie Schwendeman, Old Mill Doodles

Gavin is a consummate IT professional with extensive background experience in web technologies. His demeanor, treatment of clients, and approach to problem solving is relevant, refreshing, and unique. Gavin can make Shopify do what other developers only dream of.

Yama Sharifi, London Gigabyte.