Shopify Theme Customization

So you've signed up for Shopify, and selected a theme. Good for you, as you are well on your way to selling your products online. But what if you want to change the logo, or change the colors? This is where we come in. We can quickly take care of any layout or style changes for your theme, and probably for a lot less than you think!

Look & Feel

What might take you days or weeks we can often do in 15 minutes. Don't waste your time figuring out CSS and HTML - we are experts in this area and can take care of it for you. And, we won't charge you for an hour's worth if it takes 15 minutes - we will charge you for how long it actually took. We are in this because we love it when our clients are selling products!

What can I customize?

Aside from colors and layout, we can also add functionality. The world is your oyster, as Shopify allows for pretty much anything you could think of. What about a contact form? A location map that lets customer's get driving directions to your brick & mortar stores? Ratings or Recommendations? Social Bookmarking?

If you have an idea, we can make it happen! Get in touch now.

Sample Sites

Please take a look at our portfolio to see some of the sites we have customized.

Shopify Applications

Want extra functionality for your shop? Check out:

Searchify for enhanced Shopify search and autocomplete.
the Shopify Virtual Assistant for scheduling tasks such as price changes, showing and hiding products, and moving products into different collections
BookThatApp - a booking management system built specifically to work with Shopify.