Support Policy

Shopify Concierge provides support via our Help Desk, which includes forums and a ticketing system for questions/issues around the installation of our products and setting up the file using the existing settings.  If you require support to customize our products, please send a quote request to 


Our main support hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am-5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. We try and respond to support tickets within one business day although in busy periods it may be up to two days. We do not provide phone support.

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to refuse to provide service or support to anyone at any time due to the use of inappropriate language, defamatory statements or any other objectionable behavior.

Theme Settings & Customization

Basic design changes such as or adding a logo or choosing new colors schemes and fonts are easily accomplished by editing your theme settings. To edit your theme settings go to the Theme Settings page under Theme. More information on theme settings can be found in this Shopify Knowledge Base article: How do I change the look and feel of my shop?

Shopify Concierge support for themes includes providing information about how to customize the theme, however we do not provide customization services as part of support. Please contact us for a quote if you require customization of your theme.

Please note that we may not be able to help with Issues related to our themes if the theme has been heavily customized by 3rd parties.

Warranty Period

We provide a 3 month warranty period for customization code provided it hasn't changed significantly. This means if you find a bug in the code we've created for you we'll fix it at no cost, however if you've changed the theme/code we may not be able to help. We will accept return requests within 24 hours of purchase. At our discretion, we may decline the return or charge you a fee if significant support has been provided. App installation fees are non-refundable.

Theme Updates

Theme updates are released when necessary to address bug fixes or when new features are available. Please note that updates are offered as a complete theme reinstall. This means that if you made any custom changes to your current CSS or other code, it will be overwritten when you reinstall the updated theme. Please be sure to save a copy of any files that you have modified prior to installing the updated theme so you can re-apply your customizations. Update notices will be posted via our Twitter account.

App Installations

Apps are used at the store owner's risk and Shopify Concierge is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental special, or consequential damages, however caused. Shopify Concierge support for apps includes answering installation questions and providing information about how to customize the theme or app to meet requirements. However we do not provide customization services as part of support. Please contact us for a quote if you require customization of your app.  We also offer an installation service for all of our apps.  The fee varies depending on the app selected.  Please refer to the individual app for installation pricing.  App installation includes the addition of the app to the store.  It does not include app or product configuration.  Once installed, installations are non-refundable.  

App Performance

While we rarely have server issues that result in downtime, we admit that short lapses in service can happen. When an outage occurs, we do our best to minimize the amount of time the app is down.  Follow us at @conciergify to be notified of any outages. 

Javascript Addons/Widgets

Support for our Javascript addons (Personified and Forexd) can only be provided to customers that have valid HTML/XHTML markup on their site. You can ensure your site is valid by using the W3C validator (

Bug Fixes

Please let us know as soon as possible if you discover a bug within any of our products. We are committed to fix all bugs as quickly as possible. Any major bugs will be corrected as soon as possible. We will also try to provide a solution via the forum for smaller bugs that may come up and these fixes will also be included when we update the product.