Theme License terms


  1. You may establish the appearance of your Shopify store with a Theme from Shopify Concierge. If you download a Theme, you are licensed to use it for a single store only. You are free to transfer a Theme to a second one of your own stores if you close your first store. You are not permitted to transfer or sell a Theme to any other person’s store on Shopify or elsewhere. Multiple stores require multiple downloads, paying the price each time. Shopify Concierge gives no assurance that a particular Theme will remain available for additional downloads.
  2. The intellectual property rights of the Theme remain the property of Shopify Concierge. If you exceed the rights granted by your purchase of a Theme, Shopify Concierge may take legal action against you, and request Shopify take administrative action such as modifying your store or closing your store.
  3. Technical support is provided per our suport policy.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user, and not Shopify Concierge, to ensure that the installation of a new theme does not overwrite or damage the current or preexisting theme, or UI, of the user's store.