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With Shopify, you control your store... Simply choose a template, add your products, choose a payment method and you are up and running!

Shopify offers:

  • Great Designs: Choose from one of Shopify's built-in templates, customize your own template or allow us to customize it for you. Whatever your choice, you'll have a professional looking store up and running quickly!
  • Easy to Set Up: With Shopify's intuitive product management program, adding and changing products is simple! Create product categories, add/change your products and manage them seamlessly with Shopify's built-in inventory management system.
  • Simple to Process: Shopify's order management sytem provides you with real time order information and is fully integrated with all the most popular payment gateways such as PayPayl & Google checkout as well as merchant accounts.
  • Shopify is a fully hosted solution, so you don't need to worry about the technicalities of setting up software or maintaining it yourself

Advantages of a Hosted Store:

As a small business, do you really want to worry about IT? A hosted solution takes the worry out of running an ecommerce solution:

  • No software to install or update: Shopify is regularly updated with new features, as well as the underlying server software. All of this happens transparently so you don't have to worry about installing new software or migrating your existing data.
  • No infrastructure to maintain: You don't need to buy your own servers that will quickly become out of date. Shopify is hosted on high end server farms to provide sub-second response times.
  • Your store is safe & secure: Your data is regularly backed up and security updates are continually applied.

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What's the catch?

ShopifyConcierge is an affiliate partner of Shopify. By creating your store through us we receive a referral fee from them if you decide to go ahead and sign up.

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