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Book That App

Book That App for Shopify turns your online store into a complete reservation management system.  Perfect for those stores that are already using Shopify or for those that have wanted to use Shopify but require the ability to take bookings online.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Choose a day
  2. Check availability
  3. Book

Perfect for

  • Hotels and B&B’s who want to take online reservations
  • Rental businesses who need to schedule their equipment/resources
  • Speakers / Consultants who want to hire out their services
  • Educational providers looking to schedule courses


  • Reduced more email exchanges, phone calls going back and forth over dates.  Clients can see what is available and when.
  • Credibility - No need for old fashioned fax or phone bookings.  Take the order and close the deal immediately!
  • Increased conversion: Having the ability to take bookings online has been shown to substantially increase the conversion rate of people browsing your site
  • Reduced management: Have all your bookings easily displayed in a calendar format to allow you to plan resources, scheduling etc
  • Professionalism: Online bookings can add professionalism and creditability to your site.

Now in Beta: