Personified (Product Personalization)
Personified (Product Personalization)
Personified (Product Personalization)
Personified (Product Personalization)
Personified (Product Personalization)

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Personified (Product Personalization)

Update July 28, 2012: Shopify now supports Line Item Properties so there is no need for a separate add-on.

Personified allows you to capture additional product attributes on Shopify product pages and carry them through checkout as part of an order.

You can use personfied to capture any extra information you need to associate with your product variants in an order. Examples include engravings, monograms, personalized messages, t-shirt design, colors and fabric choices. The personalized choices for each variant are displayed on the order page in Shopify Admin, and can be used in email notifications.

Save Time!

Consider that an experienced Javascript developer familiar with Shopify can easily spend 6-12 hours writing code and modifying liquid templates to support personalization. With Personified you can be up and running in a fraction of that time, and you will be using code that has been refined over the years to the point where it is robust, flexible and battle hardened. Don't waste your time or money re-inventing the wheel.

What do I get?

The Personified download includes:

  • The Personified theme - a sample Shopify theme that demonstrates integration with the various liquid templates (and can be used with Vision to test your personalization code).
  • Step-by-step instructions for integrating Personified into your store.
  • Access to our Support Forum and Help Desk.
  • Documentation on the methods available in the personfied javascript object.


  • How many forms can I have?  The installation includes one form.  Additional forms can be added for an additional fee.
  • How much stuff can users enter? Short answer: lots. Long answer: the maximum size of data that can be captured per variant in an order is 4K.
  • How many fields in the form can I have? Practically speaking you can have as many fields as you need.
  • Do I need to know Javascript? Yes, if you want to install it yourself (you can get us to install it if you don't).
  • Does it support multiple quantities for items in the cart? Yes.
  • What about quantities of the same variant? No problem.
  • Can I only use it for certain products? Yes. Using liquid you can specify logic to show fields based on product type, tags, collection membership, handle etc.
  • Can I have different forms for different products? Yes. Similar to above, you would use liquid to show a form based on product attributes.
  • What about variant options? Personified is used to augment the 3 options. The rule of thumb is anything that impacts the price should be an option, otherwise use a Personified field. Personified can also be used help to overcome the 100 variant limit.
  • Can you handle file uploads? Not at this time.
  • What version of jQuery do I need? 1.4.2+

Technical Details

Every product page in Shopify has a form that is used to add a variant to the cart. With Personified, you add additional fields to this form and give each a class of "personified". Personified will then save the values to a Cookie when the form is submitted. On the cart page you can display the customized values, including quantity fields, as well as hidden cart attribute fields. The values of the additional attributes fields are stored with the order in Shopify.

[1] The installation offer is limited to one form only with some additional logic (e.g. only show the form for products that have a "custom" tag). For additional forms and logic, please contact us and we'll provide a quote.